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What can we offer you?


We offer a range of classes for ages 3+ in a variety of disciplines and Teacher Training in affiliation with BTDA, as well as private classes upon request. 


Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet training is the foundation of all dance movement; it creates a sense of great discipline, aesthetic awareness of placement and line and is essential for all students wishing to train professionally. 

Programme followed: British Theatre Dance Association


Contemporary dance is an important part of the curriculum. A fusion of Graham, Cunningham and release techniques are taught. The course provides a rich vocabulary of dance techniques, which is so important in modern day theatre.

Modern Jazz

The school is one of the pioneers of jazz on the island. British Theatre Dance Association provides excellent training framework for this genre. In this field it prepares the students for the many different forms of jazz providing an exhaustive system of complex isolation exercises and prepares the students for the adjustment to the many various styles encountered. 

Programme followed: British Theatre Dance Association

Acro Dance

We are proud to be affiliated with Acrobatic Arts; a programme that teaches the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

Programme followed: Acrobatic Arts


Tap helps the students to understand the many different rhythms which steadily builds up with the clapping and beating as the student progresses. Tap is a totally different form of dance technique and helps the student in co-ordination, timing and musicality. The feet do most of the work, while the top half of the body has a nice easy relaxed style. 

Programme followed: British Theatre Dance Association

Hip Hop

This form of street dance is developing all the time and is used extensively in  pop culture. It is not an easy technique to pick up as it has many isolations and acrobatic moves, but it is very popular with the younger generation.  This form of dance is being merged together with commercial jazz, contemporary and lyrical and is a very useful  technique to acquire in today's dance industry.


Flamenco is a very passionate form of dance. But a discipline that helps to develop the upper body in graceful moves, while developing strength in the legs and feet. This discipline helps to co-ordinate and develops musicality to a different level with the rhythms of the castanets and the feet beating at different times. It also gives the dancers a strong sense of purpose.

Programme followed: Alianza Flamenca

Margaret Morris Movement

The Margaret Morris Movement is a holistic approach to life long fitness and well being for all men women and children. There are special adaptations for toddlers and the very young. It is based on a series of exercises each set of coordinated movements performed to music are designed to stretch muscles gently and mobilize joints through out the body. Not only this but the variations on the exercises can be more creative therefore making the movements into dance compositions, thus making it more enjoyable. The progression of an exercise can be developed as the student regains more strength and agility. 

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